ADE7758 Three Independent Channels Energy Metering Evaluation Board in Pakistan


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The ADE7758 three-channel energy measurement board can be directly interfaced with any microcontroller such as Arduino to measure the energy for three independent loads or appliances.


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This board consists of three independent energy metering channels with bidirectional energy measurement using the ADE7758 (Analog Devices) IC. The board includes an ADE7758 24-pin SOIC IC which can communicate with any microcontroller unit to get the energy measurements using SPI protocol. It can measure the energy for up to three single-phase loads or household appliances. The technical specifications of the board are:

  • Three independent single-phase energy measurement channels
  • The onboard 0.01-ohm shunt resistances can allow current measurements of up to 40 Amps.
  • It supports standard SPI communication protocol and can be interfaced with any microcontroller.
  • The energy registers can be user programmed.
  • Supplies active/reactive/apparent energy, voltage RMS, current RMS, and sampled waveform data
  • Two pulse outputs, one for active power and the other selectable between reactive and apparent power with programmable frequency
  • Digital power, phase, and RMS offset calibration
  • On-chip, user-programmable thresholds for line voltage SAG and overvoltage detections
  • An on-chip, digital integrator enables direct interface-to-current sensors with di/dt output
  • A PGA in the current channel allows a direct interface to current transformers

Download the user manual of the board here.

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