CS5460 Single Phase Bi-directional Energy Metering IC in Pakistan


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The CS5460A is a highly integrated Delta-Sigma analog/digital converter (ADC) that is used for energy monitoring is now available at Smart Samaan.


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The CS5460A is a highly integrated Delta-Sigma analog/digital converter (ADC) that combines two Delta-Sigma ADCs, high-speed power calculation functions, and a serial interface on a single chip. It is designed to accurately measure and calculate energy, instantaneous power, IRMS, and VRMS for single-phase, 2- or 3-wire power metering applications.
The CS5460A interfaces to a low-cost shunt resistor or transformer to measure current and resistive divider or potential transformer to measure voltage. It features a bi-directional serial interface for communication with a microcontroller and a programmable frequency output that is proportional to the energy. The CS5460A has on-chip functionality to facilitate AC or DC system-level calibration.
The “Auto-Boot” feature allows the CS5460A to function standalone and to initialize itself on system power-up. In Auto-Boot mode, the CS5460A reads the calibration data and start-up instructions from an external EEPROM. In this mode, the CS5460A can work without the need for a microprocessor for low-cost metering applications.

  • Energy data linearity: ±0.1% of reading over 1000:1 dynamic range
  • EOn-chip functions: energy, I * V, IRMS and VRMS, energy-to-pulse conversion
  • Smart ‘Auto-Boot’ mode from serial EEPROM
  • AC or DC system calibration
  • Mechanical counter/stepper motor driver
  • Meets accuracy spec for IEC, ANSI, JIS
  • Power consumption < 12 mW
  • On-chip 2.5 V reference (25 ppm/°C typ.)
  • Interface optimized for shunt sensor
  • Phase compensation
  • Ground-referenced signals with single supply
  • Simple 3-wire digital serial interface
  • Watchdog timer
  • Power-supply monitor
  • Power supply configurations
    • VA+ = 5 V; VA- = 0 V; VD+ = 3 V to 5 V
    • VA+ = 2.5 V; VA- = -2.5 V; VD+ = 3 V
  • Package: 24-pin SSOP; lead-free assembly
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